My name is Sarah Lentsch and I am currently an architecture student at the University of Arizona. I have wanted to be an architect since I was in 6th grade and we did a life simulation project in class. Working towards my B.Arch degree has reaffirmed that dream. I love being a student of architecture and learning about the built environment. I love to travel and see the world. This summer I was given the amazing opportunity to study abroad and travel around Europe. I traveled to Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Iceland. The program was through the College of Architecture School and with this I was given the opportunity to visit amazing works and talk to various architects. I was able to visit the Opera House in Norway and then talk and tour with Snohetta. The trip was an amazing experience because I was able to travel around the world seeing amazing works of architecture in person and understanding the buildings on a more personal level.

I am very involved in school. At the College of Architecture, specifically, I am involved in our AIAS chapter and attend forum this past year in Austin, Texas. This was an incredible opportunity because I was able to meet and talk to professionals, faculty, and students from around the country. I am also very passionate about equality and equity in the education and work environment. I founded WIAS, Women in Architecture Society, at my school to help bring awareness and provide a voice for minorities in the architectural and related design fields. This club's intention is to provide an outlet and voice for those in need and thus is open to all students and does not discriminate by gender.


I love architecture and the outlet it gives clients to see their dreams become a reality. I am a people person and love being able to talk to clients in order to help make their visions even better than what they could have imagined. As an architecture student, many of my projects have focused on the use of natural light, specific phenomenological moments of enclosure, and individuality. In school, I catered every design to specifically acknowledge and encompass the desires of the client. I intended to not only keep natural light and phenomena in all future designs, but also individuality and keeping the desires of the client as first priority. I also plan on practicing sustainable design. Sustainability is a trend in a majority of fields and I strongly believe it is necessary for architecture to maintain the same mindset. We all are a part of the same ecosystem and without having architectural consciousness in regards to materiality, ventilation, land ethics, and construction methods.


If WIAS intrigued you and you would like to know more about our philosophy or how you can get involved, I encourage you to visit our website at


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